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Boise, ID – The Boise Burn arenafootball2 team unveiled its logo and team colors today at a news conference at Qwest Arena. The logo depicts a snarling primordial fireball character clenching an af2 ball in its teeth. Trailing behind is a streak of flame as it forges ahead to victory, leaving vanquished opponents in its wake.

The artwork was designed by Lone Rock, a Salt Lake City-based design firm that has designed logos for numerous sports teams and branding campaigns for national corporations and small businesses.

The Burn will wear silver helmets with orange facemasks, and uniforms featuring the team colors of orange, silver and black.

Head Coach Lee Leslie says the new look fits the aggressive nature of the team he plans on putting on the field. “Our guys may not be spitting fire, but they’ll be fired up when they suit up in these uniforms, which portray the energy, strength and power of a raging fire.”

The Burn will take the field in the spring of 2007 as one of six expansion teams in the indoor football league.

The name was announced on October 11th.

The Burn are accepting deposits for season tickets now. Season tickets range from $380 to $135 for Premier seats and $210 to $110 for Club seats for the eight-game home schedule. $50 deposits should be sent to the Boise Burn, 251 S. Capitol Boulevard, Boise, ID 83702. Or, call (208) 383-0080 for more information.